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advas is a python module which provides algorithms for advanced search. These methods are mainly used in information retrieval and linguistics.

This package contains:

  • statistical algorithms
    • term frequency (tf)
    • term frequency with stop list
    • inverse document frequency (idf)
    • retrieval status value (rsv)
    • language detection
      • by keywords
    • k-nearest neighbour algorithm (kNN)

  • linguistic algorithms
    • stemming algorithms
      • table lookup stemmer
      • n-gram stemmer
      • successor variety stemmer using peak-and-plateau method
    • synonym detection with the use of the OpenThesaurus (plain text version)

  • sound-like methods
    • soundex
    • metaphone
    • NYSIIS algorithm
    • caverphone algorithm (version 2.0)

  • ranking methods
    • a simple descriptor-based ranking algorithm

  • text search algorithms
    • Knuth-Morris-Pratt
The documentation describes each function with its purpose, parameters and the result (return value). A number of examples are included which display the use of each function or algorithm

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